nuova clinica vascolare stress

Stress is the body’s reaction to change.
We distinguish beneficial eustress stress from harmful stress distress
When we are in eustress we have a better performance in what we do, it is a momentary reaction, after which we return to homeostasis, that is, to balance. If this does not happen we find ourselves in a state of distress (an enemy of health).

What happens then? Increases the secretion of certain hormones and others are inhibited.
Serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine begin to malfunction and create chemical imbalances in our brains that result in fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances as well as mental and physical reactions (concentration difficulties, lack of memory, loss of perspective, disorganization) (muscle pain, cellulite, overweight, colitis).

When, due to a series of circumstances, we do not fight or flee from a stressful situation, we remain “in tension” and our energy system is blocked. Hormonal imbalances resulting from stress flood the connective tissue with liquids, thus altering circulation.

The massage is therefore an excellent therapy to unblock the energies, free the tissues from toxins, restore mobility to the muscles, restore the internal clock to normal levels …
Anyone who has tried it knows: a good massage transforms the inner greyness into a shining rainbow!