Nuova Clinica Vascolare chirugia vene varicose clinica varices

The capillaries arise when the venous circulation does not work at regime and the blood stagnates, so to speak, in the veins which swell and like a flooding river flood the neighboring streams or the capillaries, which do not “break” but simply become visible.

Besides being an aesthetic factor, the capillary visible to the naked eye is an alarm bell, meaning that it is a circulation that travels with difficulty.

One of the causes is certainly a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged standing or sitting positions, as well as factors related to nutrition, smoking and alcohol consumption, and to particular situations where there are hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy or menopause.

In the New Vascular Clinic during the specialist visit you will have the opportunity to receive further explanations and tailored advice to better prevent and treat your legs.